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I Don’t Eat It and I Definitely Don’t Want to Read It…

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Happy Birthday Granny!!

So Granny, how OLD are you today???? David says : 16 years old Brooke says: 2 years old What presents would you like for your Birthday? David would give you: a computer Brooke would give you: her cupcake (how sweet!!) Well, there you have it. What else is there to say except…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Photo Credit: Simple Up
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We May Not Have a Watch Dog, But We Have a Grasshopper

When Brooke and I got home after shopping today, we were welcomed by this big ole grasshopper. There he was just hanging on the door upside down. Check out that body. Isn’t it cool how he looks so much like a leaf. You can even see what looks like the veins running through a leaf.
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Cartoon Speaks for Itself

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To the Guy Who Mugged Me Downtown

This was so funny I could not resist posting it. This was originally posted to “Craig’s List, Personals” but appears to be gone now. I did see one reply. I checked out to see if it was true, the site indicates that research is in progress. Downtown, Savannah I was the white guy with the black [...]
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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from Amanda, Brooke, Chuck and David. I hope God blessed all of you during this holiday season.
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Now this is being in the Dog House

Check out this link, it truely side-splitting funny. Click the picture to watch the video. WARNING TO MEN: this may get you in trouble with your wife.
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Go, Fight, Win!!!

Here’s wishing the Alabama Crimson Tide all the best in this weeks SEC Championship game against the Florida Gators. I think we can take ‘em. ROLL TIDE!! Check out this great article on, Alabama payers receiving honors galore.
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Take your whoopin’ like a man

OK, you had to know this kind of thing was coming following a 36 to nothing spanking of Auburn, but this was so funny when I received it today, I just had to post it here.
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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.
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