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It Lives!

So, here I was convinced that David's Crabapple Tree would not survive after being planted only a few days before we had our first freeze and snow. We didn't even water it except for when it was planted.
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David and Brooke with the Easter Bunny

Yesterday we had our Easter Egg Hunt at church and the Easter bunny made an appearance there. As you can see Brooke was not too sure about sitting in the Easter bunny's lap.
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He’s Done It Again

David got another 100% report card this nine weeks and got a ribbon at his award's ceremony today at school.
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David’s Award Ceremony

Last Thursday, we went to David's award's ceremony at school. We didn't know for sure if he would be getting an award or not, but I thought he probably would since he got 100% on his report card.
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Frosted Flakes Banned By David

Every now and then, we end up eating a bowl of cereal for supper. Well, tonight was one of those nights. I took out all the cererals and placed them on the counter to see which ones the kids wanted to eat.
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I’m Thankful For…

Okay, so I intended on doing this little project before Thanksgiving but I just didn't get it all together to it then. It's a collage of photos of things in our lives we are thankful for.
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Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

Yes. This morning we woke up to find snow outside. The kids were adamant about getting out there to play in it. I can't imagine why, but nevertheless they were very excited.
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School Christmas Pictures

David just had Christmas pictures at school so I thought I'd put a sample out here for you to see. As you can see, he had recently lost several teeth, three to be exact.
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David’s Crabby Day

As I was going through David's backpack yesterday, I found a tree. Yes, a REAL little tree. Along with the tree came instructions for planting the Crabapple tree.
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Recycled Crayons

What are recycled crayons, you ask? Well, the other day I was reading one of my favorite blogs, Domestic Cents, and she had a post for making Homemade Crayons.
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